Frequently Asked
I want to take this class with my partner (wife, husband, girlfriend,
boyfriend, friend, etc.) do we have to switch partners?

Absolutely not.  I understand that many couples do not get enough fun
time together in our busy lives.  Couples choose to spend some of their
precious recreation time learning to dance together.  You do not have to
switch partners, if you choose not to.
I know I cannot dance, why do you think you can teach me how to dance?

I can teach anyone to dance.  I create a safe space to learn something
new.  I teach dance movements to awake the dancing part of your body.  
We learn how to have fun while learning something new.  We learn how
to change our thinking about making "mistakes."  I believe there are no
mistakes in dancing.  I teach dance movements that are the very basic
concepts of all partner dancing.  My teaching style is fun, gentle, and
I have never danced with another person, and my girlfriend has studied
ballet.  Will she be bored with my learning?

If your girlfirend has never "partner danced" you are both starting out
even.  Partner Dancing is a totally different animal than any dance one
does by themselves.  You will both be learning to lead and follow
"non-verbally" through touch.
I cannot hear the beat in the music, can I learn how to hear it?

Yes.  Unless you were raised as a musician you really had no reason
to learn to hear the beat in music.  There are techniques to help you
learn to hear the beat.  Then we can learn to walk to the beat.  Then
we learn how to dance to the beat.  Of course, I am also of the
philosophy that I don't need music to dance with another person.
What kind of dances will I learn?

I use Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing, and Salsa to teach partner
dancing.  Depending on the class you may have exposure to all three
or just Argentine Tango.
I want to learn to dance, but the thought of learning with a group of
people I don't know is just too much, what can I do?
I don't see a class at a time I can study what should I do?

Consider a private lesson to get started.   Click here for details.  No
class time listed that works for you?  Please email me at with the times you are available.  When I get
enough people for a class we could put something together.
Do I have to have special clothes and shoes?

No, just dress comfortable.  Shoes should not be backless.
I'm getting married soon, can you teach us to dance for our reception?

Absolutely.  Learning to dance together is a great stress reliever.  
Sometimes I am asked to give a quickie dance lesson to the wedding
party.  It's all fun.